Earn Money For A Cause, Club, Or Charity

If you would like to host a fundraiser or earn money towards a cause, charity, or club via our site, please fill out the form.

We have multiple ways you can earn money, here’s how it works:

Upon approval, we will create you an Affiliate Account within our system and assign you a dedicate Affiliate Code and Promotional Page. If you are earning money for a charity or hosting an event through us, we’ll also take care of all the setup of your virtual race / portal. 

Affiliate Code: Share your Code to everyone you know and encourage them to participate in races on our site. Each race purchased where your code is used will earn you money…. which will be tracked to your account and paid out monthly via venmo, cashapp, paypal, zelle, or check.

Dedicated Page: Your dedicated page will list all events that your Code can be used to earn you money, as well as feature any event that are dedicated fundraisers for your club or charity.

Dedicated Events: Want to host a virtual race where proceeds go directly to your cause? We can make that happen. This is a great opportunity to lessen the overhead of hosting an on-site event by utilizing our already in place signup, checkout, and tracking system.

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