Virtual-Race is a family owned operation that stemmed from the same two brothers (and their family) who founded Mud Run Finder; Tj Alcock & Justin Murray. 

Throughout their coverage of events, the MRF Team learned that for every attendee of a race there are 3-5 others on the sidelines or unable to attend; whether it was because of injury or physical limitation, an event / life conflict, or a distance. It became apparent that an outlet needed to be created to allow people to race from a more convenient place…. ANYWHERE!

Virtual-Race is a portal to allow users to sign up for events, support local fundraisers, and earn cool medals & prizes. Want to challenge yourself or your friends? This site is built for just that and we make it simpler than ever.

  • Click Events and View Upcoming Events
  • Select An Event You’d Like To Sign Up For 
  • Then Checkout Securely To Create Your Account
  • After Your Run Your Race, You Login To The Portal to Submit Your Time
  • Then We Mail You The Giveaway Item
  • After That You Can Keep An Eye On The Leaderboard To Win Additional Prizes

As a Fundraiser Host, this site is built to allow charity’s and fundraisers to create a race and encourage their fans & ours to sign up to help them earn money…. whether it’s a run, swim, bike, hike, scavenger hunt or some kind of race in between, Virtual-Race is ready! This process is also simple:

  • Click Fundraising
  • Fill Out The Form Telling Us About Your Fundraiser
  • We’ll Create Your Account & Your Fundraiser Event
  • Once The Fundraiser Is Over, You Get Paid!

Thank You For Your Support! 

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Virtual Race Owners - Tj & Brook Alcock
Mud Run Finder - Virtual Race - Justin Landon
Mud Run Finder - Virtual Race - Ashley Landon
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